Fresh Food, Yummy Coffee delivered daily!

We have a selection of tea & coffee available along with a range of foods available for you and your little ones. Pop in for breakfast lunch or snacks

Only food & drink from The Playrooms cafe can be consumed on site!




Children's Lunchbox £3.75
(choice of ham, cheese or jam sandwich, Pom Bears, chocolate biscuits, yogurt, jelly sweets and a choice of drink)

 Children's sandwich on its own £1.50

 Paninis £3.95
Ham & Cheese, Mozzarella & Tomato or Tuna Melt

Cheese Toastie £2.75
extra ham 50p

Sandwiches (Ham, Cheese or Tuna) £2.50
extra Tomato or cucumber 20p

Toast - 2 slices with butter £1.30
Toast - 2 slices with butter and Jam £1.60

Croissants £1.30
with butter and jam £1.60

Americano, Latte, Cappucino £2.40
Mocha £2.50
All Teas £1.90