Do you have to book?

No we will be operating a pop-in service from Monday 15th April 2013

What are your opening times?

Our opening times can be found here

Do you take payments by debit card?

Yes, we accept payment via debit card for balances over £5.00

Can I leave my child?

No, we are an unsupervised soft play area, so we ask that all parents are responsible for their own children

Who do I book a class with from your Timetabled Classes?

Please refer to our Timetable of classes – we advised who you need to call with to book classes there.

What do I need to know or have to come to The Playrooms?

We ask that you ensure that you and your child has socks to wear in the soft play area. And note that no parents are allwoed on the bouncy castle.

I don’t know where you are, can you give me directions?

Our address is The Hall, St Augustines Avenue, Bromley, Kent, BR2 8AG

Is there parking available at The Playrooms?

We have free bays along St Augustines Avenue

Is there WiFi available?

Yes, we offer free WiFi, just ask our staff for the password

Can I bring my own food in?

We do allow adults to bring in food for children with intolerances or for babies that are weaning i.e. under 1 year olds. These are the only exceptions. You will find we offer a broad range of reasonably priced food and drink to suit all.